Grocery story

If this activity is now more than a century we have a thank you to our loyal customers, who have followed and often encouraged to persevere in our journey to employees who have come and gone over the years and all those who have contributed to the company thrive.
  • 1885A firm friendship

    The grandfather Pietro Montosi comes in Bologna in 1891 by St. Giovanni in Persiceto. Was 6 years old he was born March 2, 1885. After the license to 5th grade went to take the boy in a grocery store located in Via Giuseppe Petroni, corner of San Vitale, owned Gnudi. He began a firm friendship that lasted a lifetime.
  • 1905 The beginnings

    Then began the grocery store in Via Andrea Costa, with his brother Giulio in 1905. The first day money grossed 19 (20 with money you made any money). His brother Julius died in the First World War. L 'September 8, 1908, Pietro married Righi Isolina (born 26 June 1888) and had as many as 11 children. The grandfather continued to work almost until his death in 1957, helped by two of his sons.
  • 1958The shop

    Meanwhile the father Oreste Gozzoli married a daughter of grandfather Pietro, Marta, in 1945; a few years later in 1958, Oreste, with his brother in law Augusto Ferrari took over from a grocery store in the place where it is now.
  • Anni '60Family

    In the early 60's my brother Gilberto became an apprentice and then, after his uncle taking over me, Elisabetta, and the next with the help also of the children. It was important for us to the presence of the mother, the cash dispenser always smiles and serenity to all customers.
  • 2011 Innovation and tradition

    During the direction of my brother Gilberto (which gave its name to the store) and my, the store has evolved and expanded with the annexation of non-food grocery store on the corner of Fishmongers, in 2011 my brother has retired leaving me and my son Michele to run the store.
  • TodayEspecially the quality

    With a radical restructuring of the room we have created a wine bar with a selection of wines and champagnes of prestige, following a policy of specialization implemented in all our items, needed with the advent of supermarkets. It's always been our care for the highest quality, aided in this by the knowledge of the trade. Undoubtedly, the help of God, family support, which in addition to the necessary and irreplaceable presence of my son Michele, as a result of Gabriele and now even my husband Marco, were needed to address the many difficulties in these years of activity occurred.

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